Lamp #1


These lamps are the first design made in a larger series. Using the traditional metalworking machines combined with modern techniques such as CNC cutting and 3D printing.


Reused glass plates (from greenhouses) are deformed on handmade molds and placed in special ovens where a temperature of ± 650˚C bends them over the molds, leaving lines and textures in the glass. Different molds, each creating different shapes with a different light and shadowplay.


Goal was to make a lamp that is beautiful in the evening as well as during the day. Where in the evening the LED light provides the right atmosphere, during daytime the sunlight throws all kinds of beautiful shadows and reflections.


Custom designs, variations and different sizes are possible.


height 60 cm

diameter 18 cm

dimmable LED light, from warm light to cold.


price € 840,- incl. VAT (BTW)


at night